Sunday Showcase – The Dreamy Giraffe

On Sundays I’ll be sharing someone else’s work or shop that I find to be excellent, interesting, or super inspiring. I’m in no way compensated for these posts and just want to share my finds with you.

Today I’d like to share Kathy Jeffords from The Dreamy Giraffe. She’s creative, talented, and there are about a dozen pieces I’d love for my own in her shop. It’s “happy, colorful art for everyone!” (Her words, with which I concur.)

It’s difficult to select just a representative sample of her work, so I’m sharing the ones I’m lusting after.

Like this one for my desk:


I will not stress out. The Dreamy Giraffe

And this one for my craft room:


Crafty girl print.

And this one for my kitchen:


Some days require cookies

(She’d need blonde hair and blue eyes though.)

And this one for a baby’s room:


Hot air balloon print

Check out The Dreamy Giraffe Etsy Shop. You might find something you just love and have to have! If nothing else, you’ll have a smile.


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