About Court

Hi there. I’m Court and I’m crafty. I like to make things with my hands. It might be sewing, crocheting, digitally or paper crafts. I’m into it all. I’ve even done some soap making!

I hope this space brings you smiles, joy, inspiration, and maybe a few laughs.

I can be found on:

facebook here
twitter here
Pinterest here

My shop is temporarily closed while I work out some formalities. (I figured them out before I had any sales, luckily!)

I work really hard to credit others and if I miss something, I apologize in advance, let me know.

I think that’s it for now. This space is a work in progress and I’ll keep working on it til it’s where I want it. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions please email me at courtiscrafty(at)gmail.com


One thought on “About Court

  1. Hi there Court! I just started my blog and I don’t knit either. Rather, I enjoy converting knit stitches to crochet and making my own patterns with them-though I haven’t posted any of them yet, I soon will. I’m going to look around a bit more but have enjoyed what I’ve seen and read thus far. Oh yeah, I also sew, so we have a few things in common. Happy Crafting!!

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