Sharing is Caring – Inspirograph


My first Inspirograph. I was going for a fiery theme. Eh.

Like I said, I’m hoping to get back to some regularly scheduled blogging around here and the first second thing I thought I’d do more regularly is share something fun I found during the week. Sharing is caring after all! Unless it’s germs, keep them to yourself.

This past week there were a lot of cool crafty things going on, but this one stuck out for me. BatGirl shared it with me and I’m sharing it with you.

Inspirograph. Yes just like the plastic wheels you had, lost and then stepped on and broke as a kid! Or was that just me?

Pick a background, pick a wheel, pick a color and spin that sucker around to your pretty heart’s content. If you want to change the background after you’re done you can.

I found it pretty relaxing while I was spinning my mouse around the screen. It froze up a few times and I don’t like that at first I couldn’t find an undo button, but then I read the keyboard commands and found out that Ctrl + Z works just fine here too. (If you want to redo what you just undid, use Ctrl + Y)

Go. Try it out. You’re welcome. If you make one, feel free to upload it to Twitter or Instagram and use #sharewithcourt and @courtiscrafy me so I can see it!

The guy who did this is working on a mobile app so soon you’ll have another way to kill time.