Friday Five – Resources

I’m not working on anything specific today (in the office alllll day) but I thought I’d pop in and share some resources that I use on a regular basis (after Google. Google is my first stop if I don’t know where to start with something). Some might not be new to you, but you might be surprised about what information is out there for crafting.

  1. Pinterest. I think this is a given for all of us, but if you’re not on yet, check it out. I pin all sorts of things so if you want a little of everything, you can follow me here. (Heads up, I go through phases of posting so you might get a bunch on doodles, then a bunch of color pallets, then a bunch of baking then more doodles etc. I pin based on what I’m looking for at the time.)
  2. ColourLovers. This site is amazing for color pallets, patterns, hex/RGB codes etc. I spend a lot of time on this site.
  3. Taylor Made. Not only does she do some fun DIY, but she does a lot about organization – which I think most of us can use a little help with when it comes to supplies and space
  4. Ravelry. This is an insanely good resource for knitting (which I don’t do) and crocheting (which I do all the time). Lots of great finds here!
  5. Lil Blue Boo. Ashley is amazing. I don’t even know where to start. I only wish I had the inspiration she does sometimes!
  6. BONUS! Pinster. Holy crap this girl is funny, while she often can’t get the pins to work, I actually sit and think about what might be wrong with it and in my head figure out how to fix it. This helps me sort out what might not be going right with some of my crafting.

Do you have a crafting website or resource you refer to often? I’ve started a list over on the Helpful Sites page.