And *poof* the data was gone.

’twas the night before Christmas (Eve),
and all through the house,

everything was in chaos,
even my spouse

I had to do printing,
gifts to give made it so,

but my laptop decided the answer was, “No!”

laptop smokeSo Frank wasn’t really in chaos, but my laptop did decide it wasn’t going to cooperate. By not going to cooperate? I mean it decided life wasn’t worth living anymore and a factory reset was it’s only option.

I lost everything that’s not on my external hard drive, in the cloud, or in my email and after a conversation with a friend who does such things, it’s gone. I can’t find the power cord to my external drive so I haven’t been able to back up anything in about 3-6 months. I’m just really glad all my client stuff was done before then.

Stationary stuff for shows and the shop? Most of that is gone, but I can recreate it. I’m not taking on any new digital custom work for the time being, but I’m still able and willing to do other custom work until I get this sorted out!

I’m lucky that my brother is super understanding about the status of part of his Christmas gift and that I could print the other part of it at my mom’s house the next day, but man, that was a really bad feeling.

Lesson learned. External hard drive everything all the time. I’m usually really good about it too.

Silver lining though? I’m choosing to look at this as an opportunity to reorganize my digital files once I find the power cord to the external drive.


Crafty Packing

If you’re anything like me, vacation sounds lovely and well not as lovely at the same time. The idea of getting away and having few commitments sounds divine to me, but too much down time and my hands get itchy and my pants get twitchy.

What is a crafter to do when she’s leaving town for an extended trip? Especially when she knows that there will be plenty of “down time” that can translate nicely into “crocheting by the pool” or “digitally crafting” while it rains.  Granted, I have a couple of books I have to read but neither will take me all that long to read.

Enter what I like to call “Crafty Packing”.

If you know you’re going to want (or like me, need) to have activities while you’re away, why not pack a few items to help with that? You can make postcards or notes to send people, work on portable projects and even build stock while you’re away! (If you’d like.)

Today let’s talk about making something to mail your friends/family to let them know you’re thinking about them while away. You don’t have to buy post cards while you’re out (you can and I do) and you don’t have to pick up stationary if you’re left wanting to send someone an actual letter. You can actually make your own if you’re so inclined.

While you can pop into any drug store or Walmart etc for any of these items, I find that my best crafting is done late at night and it’s generally not the best time to go out to pick up such things. I generally have a stash of the following in my carry on backpack with my laptop and crochet supplies:

  • Ruler
  • Small scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Postage Stamps
  • Scrap Paper/Note paper/Index cards/Sheets of Card Stock
  • A few markers and pens (I love Sharpie’s Pen for their colors and usability.)
  • Random stickers

(Okay so that list looks slightly like what you’d pack for a five year old, but that’s just fine.)

Not that bad of a list, huh? My backpack or other carry on bag has spots for all of it and if yours doesn’t, you can put the small items in a plastic bag and the papers in a manilla envelope. It doesn’t take up that much space and when the mood strikes, you’ll be able to make something fun. Why should kids get all the fun?

Come back later this week and we’ll talk about specifics to make something to send in the mail.

(Please note that any specific products mentioned are just ones I like and not sponsored in any way. If they were, I’d tell you and the opinions would still be my own.)